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Children's Costume Contest

1:45 PM

At 1:45pm, we will be kicking off the Children's Costume Contest for ages 10 and under. Open to any child that wants to participate with a special prize for the winner! FREE to enter!

Cosplay Contest

4:15 pm

I'm so excited for our Cosplay Contest! There will be a $5 entry fee, with a percentage of the proceeds will be given to Shriners Children Hospitals and Scottish Rite children clinic. This will be a runway style contest and there will be a sign up sheet at the day of the event (See Caity Jayne Cosplay at her table for more information the day of). Of course, there will a variety of great prizes awarded by our cosplay guest judges. Please keep in mind it is a FAMILY event!

Cosplay Contest Judges

I'm proud to present my cosplay all-star team who have helped me organize this event. With years of experience and talent, I present Caity Jayne Cosplay, Hitachi Okami Cosplay, and Kawaii Warrior Cosplay! All three are all well known and well respected in the Fort Myers cosplay community.

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